2.1.2 the promotion of an un realistic personal

2.1.2 Social issues caused by design


Until recently there has been little to no recognition of social responsibility or awareness, especially within the design industry, and to many it is still hard to understand the need for such practices within the field. With the ever growing awareness to social injustices and implications of the trends within advertising and design has come a demand for designers to think more about social responsibility over saleability. Although as designers we need to think about making a living and providing the client with a good design solution we are becoming increasingly aware of the implications of our design choices. Despite the changes we make now it will not be an easy task to remove the issues caused by decades of socially unconscious design.

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There is a number of issues that has been caused by design and advertisement. Today’s consumer culture has been largely caused by the advertisement and promotion of products that are un necessary and convince the audience that these will give them happiness or satisfaction. Another would be the promotion of an un realistic personal image that many of the current generations have grown up with through the use of ‘Photoshopped’ imagery within advertisement that has drastically increased depression and self-consciousness within adolescents and children within today’s society.


2.2 Corporate social responsibility

Although many disagree with the idea of corporate social responsibility, and believe that the only responsibility of a business is to generate profit. This is becoming increasingly popular among many large businesses. The main reason for which is the image that it generates, when a company can promote that they do their part for the environment and community it’s a way of standing out from the competition.


The basic principles of corporate social responsibility come in three parts:


1. Economic responsibility

This is less about social responsibility and more the main purpose of the business, simply to generate a profit. Of course this has to be in the mind of every corporation and at the top of their priorities so that they can continue to grow and survive.


2. Legal responsibility

Again a responsibility that is expected of every company and individual, to comply with all rules and regulations within the law.


3. Ethical responsibility

the ethical responsibility of a company is the key point within this subject, it encompasses all moral obligations that are not required by law but are part of acting as a part of society. This is also the part which attracts the most argument as it’s the only part that is not a necessity for the business to run and be successful.