Thesis bibliography:Entry 1: The People Versus Smokey Bear:

Thesis 1: Smartphones and the citizen’s band radio encourage the flow and mobile privatization as both induce the feeling of belongingness that makes the users attached to their devices.Thesis 2: Smartphones are used for more personal communication while the citizen band radios engage the users in an informative yet informal communication by speaking whatever method they prefer.Annotated bibliography:Entry 1: The People Versus Smokey Bear: Metaphor, Argot, and CB RadioThesis statement: CB promotes FREE speech and provides unique communication system while being utilized for information sharing. Description: Although CB uses informal language, the device provides the ability to form an independently designed culture. CB is not regulated by any authorities thus users can communicate with each other using any method they want. The device represents one’s control over their lives by having a unique communication system that allows the users to take part in local culture and events. CB users’ unregulated method of communication makes interaction using the device less interpersonal than smartphones. Entry 2:APA:Thesis statement: Smartphones and mobile devices prompts interpersonal communication without the physical presence of the individuals involved. Description: As smartphones are embedded in an individual’s daily personal interaction with other people, the device is now being considered as a promising tool in collecting behavioral data of the users. Smartphones have become a part of people’s social interactions and allow users to form social groups where they can feel the sense of belongingness. These social interactions are initiated and received through communications via modern devices that allow users to communicate and form a bond remotely. Entry 3:APA:Thesis statement: CB users created a subculture where humans can feel that they belong. Description: Humans are naturally drawn to look for a place where they belong. The CB radios popularity is attributable to the group identity and solidarity formed through connecting via CB. Similar to smartphones, the CB radio has the ability to keep the users immersed in various virtual activities and interaction thus it can be considered as a device that also induces mobile privatization.Entry 4:APA:Thesis statement: The smartphones and CB radios have become tools that trigger the flow as the devices enable the users to conduct various activities mentally and socialize while the body remains fixed. Description: The flow signifies the optimal encounter in which an individual is completely drenched in an activity due to the sensation of vitalized focus, full engagement, and success in carrying out the activity. The state of flow makes the feelings controlled and channeled while maintaining positive, invigorated and aligned emotions. The smartphones and CB radios trigger the flow as both devices induce a feeling of spontaneous bliss and experience while accomplishing the activity. In general, the devices channel the flow as they can bring pleasure, satisfaction, and playfulness.  Entry 5:APA:Thesis statement: Smartphones and CB radios are tools that represent mobile privatization as they hold the ability to draw the users to an isolated communication.Description: The devices are known to satisfy the cravings of the society. Humans need to interact with each other to gain the sense of belongingness. Mobile phones and CB radios are devices that enable the user to carry out different types of communication and allow humans to connect easily with their peers, family members, and colleagues. The smartphones, for example, empowers the users to establish a continuous path of portable personal space throughout the day while withdrawn from social obligations and physical interactions. Entry 6:APA:Thesis statement: The CB radio was originally invented for business and information sharing while on the road; however, users found out that the device was a great means of meeting new friends. Description: The rapid acceptance and popularity of the CB radio during the 1970s were termed as the CB fad. The CB users during the period were classified into two groups; the casual CB participants and the CB enthusiasts. The casual group utilized the CB because of its great functionality in transferring information to other users while the enthusiasts were more involved in the fad. These enthusiasts embedded the CB radio in their daily activities. Similar to the smartphones, CB radio was not only efficient in operating and broadcasting functionalities, it also creates a subculture where groups and organizations were formed to establish a community.